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[Article] Midwives deliver

excess_and_oohs this one is for you. [LINK]

Some healthcare trivia: In the United States, what is the No. 1 reason people are admitted to the hospital? Not diabetes, not heart attack, not stroke. The answer is something that isn't even a disease: childbirth.

Not only is childbirth the most common reason for a hospital stay -- more than 4 million American women give birth each year -- it costs the country far more than any other health condition. Six of the 15 most frequent hospital procedures billed to private insurers and Medicaid are maternity-related. The nation's maternity bill totaled $86 billion in 2006, nearly half of which was picked up by taxpayers.

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Call + Response

If this film is playing in your city, please take the time to go see it and grab your friends. It's probably one of the best films out this year on this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Financial News

In case you are wondering:

WaMu ratings downgraded to "junk" [FT]

Thain/Montag (of Merrill Lynch) may stand to net $47 million if they leave after BofA buys them out. WTF!? That really upsets me. If your company fails because you made bad decisions the last thing you should get is a multimillion dollar payout! [Bloomberg]

Analysis on the bank bailouts [BBC]

Obama's viewpoint & McCain's viewpoint [Bloomberg]

AIG given a day to stay afloat [FT]

Now is the time to invest in Asian markets. Asian central banks inject markets with cash [FT]

Money-Market Rates Double Amid Global Credit Seizure [Bloomberg]

Future Predictions [BBC]

I guess we'll see where this goes.

Orson Brain

Someone dubbed an Orson Wells session over Pinky and the Brain.

Thanks seanyoda for the link.

In the News

In England, wearing a Transformers T-Shirt may get you stopped at security. Also, when doing business there make sure to have the right kind of biscuit. On a side note, according to Eddie Izzard, Jammy Dodgers may do the trick not digestive biscuits.

In "cuter" news a baby leopard wandered into a home in India after being abandoned by it's mother. (video)

For my last news commentary of the day, I turn political. This article on the BBC is saying that Clinton will fight on. However when you skip the entire article and go straight to the delegate count call out and thus run the numbers. Hillary needs 202 delegates to pull off the win. There are only 191 left. Why the hell does she keep going? There's a point at which personal ambition turns to madness.


[PSA] Ibeatyou.com

I Beat You allows everyday people to compete is various competitions from cutest pet video to best concert picture. Many of you are talented enough to blow these people out of the water. So go to it!
[LINK] (And these are the people who are going to save us from the next attack on our shores.... I did indeed laugh.)

The suspiciously thin, port-free laptop sends airport security into a tizzy, until cooler heads prevail. Maybe it's time for some tech briefings at the TSA, no?
On his blog, programmer Michael Nygard (by way of the Unofficial Apple Weblog) writes that during a recent trip through the airport, his solid-state MacBook Air stopped TSA agents—puzzled by its lack of rear-facing ports or a standard hard drive—in their tracks.

Nygard said the agents put him and his suspicious "device" in a holding cubicle as security staffers huddled nearby, looking at X-ray printouts of the sinister-looking Air and scratching their heads.

A younger TSA agent—who, apparently, was aware of Apple's newest laptop—tried explaining to the group that the Air uses solid-state memory in place of a traditional hard drive. The senior staffer, however, was still reluctant to let it go: "New products on the market? They haven't been TSA approved. Probably shouldn't be permitted," Nygard writes.

Finally, after booting up the Air and running a program, the agents let Nygard go, he said—but only after he'd missed his flight.

I've been hearing stories like these all too often, which leads to the question: how exactly are TSA agents being trained, anyway? How about, I dunno, some regular briefings on the latest gadgets that might be making their way through security checkpoints? And while TSA agents are wasting time fussing with laptops, undercover investigators with bomb parts in their bags have been sailing though security checkpoints.

Anyone else out there get stopped by airport security because of a "suspicious" gadget in their luggage? Feel free to vent right here.


In fairness to TSA, here's a link to thier blog about the incident. Thanks to hex61 for the link.

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More information found here.

“Mala is to die for in those pigtails,” read one message.

“I have a few 5yo [year old] Taras that you do not have,” read another.

“Just dropping in for a hot minute … to help out the dry spell, and to give everyone something to do for an afternoon,” said still one more.

They’re hard comments to read—when you know that they were posted in a massive secret child pornography newsgroup on the web.

That sordid network was exposed this week, thanks to a global law enforcement operation spanning five countries, three continents, and 11 U.S. states. As part of the continuing investigation, a total of 22 men have been arrested, including 14 in America, four in Germany, and two each in Australia and the U.K.

Even more satisfying: over the course of the international operation, more than 20 victims have been rescued. Investigative efforts to identify and rescue more victims are continuing.

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QOTD: Walk in Someone Else's Shoes

"Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile
in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you
are a mile away from them, and you have their shoes."
— Frieda Norris

[Music] NIN New Tracks

In case you haven't heard, NIN has released their latest album for free download.

My thoughts? It's very experimental in comparison with their last album(s). Volume One starts with some slow melodic relaxing notes of sound that sound almost like you should be lying on a table half naked waiting for the hands of some masseuse. However by song three it picks up and seems to mix a slight aborigine mix with ambient undertones. Song 4 is more traditional guttural guitar. You are then transported back to ambiance with songs 5 and 6 and by 7 you are getting back to more traditional NIN.

It's very interesting and I have to admit I am undecided how I feel about it. Though don't let me stop you after all NIN has already made a reported $745K from this release of "free" music.* Take a chance on it and download it. Make up your own mind.

*The numbers come from the sale of the $300 limited edition sets. There were only 2500 sets and they are now sold out.